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Music is my passion. It was a cold christmas eve in 1990 and I begged and begged my mother for the MC hammer and Vanilla Ice tape. Started trying to learn the words and wore out 2 cassette tapes in the process. 3 months later my father had passed away suddenly from cancer and music was and has always been there for me in good and troubling times.  Then in the most difficult point in my life I came to encounter an old friend.We were both trying to find our way her and I through the grips of America today. Booze, loss of employment, and the cruelty of what’s considered “normal” these days and trying to find our way back to god. She is a dear friend but, time and distance has away of keeping people apart. Although most Americans these days would think we’re sleeping together considering we’re both young, ambitious, and strait. But that’s not the case not. I’m a firm believer in having one partner and a soul mate. Splo to my sister from another mother love ya 🎶🎶🎶 I’m not looking to date to Marry I’m jut the kind of type that likes to meet all sorts of new people Once I believed wholeheartedly that I could do this I broke a learning barrier that I never thought imaginable. In Psalms 23 it talks about this sort of thing so I’m giving all glory to God..


the JUNGLE is meant for mature audiences only. Follow me on instagram: the_kingsway 

Love is the only emotion greater than fear